Privacy Policy

Based on the regulations of Kindai University’s Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy is disclosed to stipulate the basic handling of personal information in the content offered by this official website (hereinafter called “this website”) set up by Kindai University Faculty of Engineering. The School regards the “safety” and “respect of individual will” as important management issues when handling personal information in order to play a responsible role in the network society.

1. What this Privacy Policy covers

This policy covers only the information within this website when activated by users. The personal information that this website collects and receives is limited to the registered information delivered by this website’s users (hereinafter called “the users”). This policy does not assume responsibility for personal information in other linked websites.

2. Information collection and use

When this website collects personal information, KUFE will express clearly the purpose of use. The registered information may be used to e-mail and send school-related materials and to make preparation of various statistical data. The acquired personal information will not be used apart from its purpose of use mentioned above.
This website in operation records access logs and uses cookies. The recorded access logs include users’ IP address, access dates, etc., which shall not be used for identifying individuals. They shall be used for managing this website and analyzing its usage. The cookies are used for providing the per-user functionality in some pages. Please note that if the setting of cookies is opted out on your computer, you will not be able to use per-user functionality.

3. Outsourcing of personal information

We may outsource part of the jobs within the purpose of use expressed in this policy; in such cases, KUFE will take enough safety measures to keep personal information secret, and manage the outsourcing firms to prevent them from inappropriate use of the information.

4. Security

This website takes the required measures to reasonably ensure SSL-enabled security when personal information is registered.

5. Contact for confirmation, etc.

You may receive an e-mail, phone call or mail for the purpose of operation and management of this website and for confirmation of your registered items for operation and management as well as for your request.

6. Contact for personal information treated on this website:

The personal information offered by users on this website shall be used and protected for the purpose according to the regulations of the Privacy Policy of Kindai University.
If a person verifies his or her rights to disclose, correct, suspend use of, or eliminate his or her personal information and makes such requests, KUFE shall respond reasonably to those requests without delay.